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The Intermed Advantage

The Intermed Advantage

What separates Intermed from the field is our competitive edge, the Intermed Advantage.

We will offer Convenient locations for easy access.

All of our Hospitals will be staffed by a team committed to High Quality, ensuring a hassle-free experience

We understand that your time is precious, so we make it a point to deliver end-to-end Prompt Service.

We will offer a Consistent customer experience across the system using state-of-the-art technology and standardised operations.

We want you to have the best care money can buy, and will never charge you for unnecessary or wasteful treatments

We have developed Wellmed, a Medical Wellness Programme offering unique insight into improving health by making lifestyle changes, developed in partnership with world-renowned medical experts.

All of our hospitals have an Integrated Medical System, allowing seamless access from any Intermed location and across all hospital interaction pathways.