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Corporate Team

  • Sunjay Chandiramani

    Sunjay Chandiramani

    Sunjay Chandiramani will assist Intermed’s management team as Policy Development & Implementation Manager, overseeing the successful deployment, development and growth of the business model. Sunjay has been on board with Intermed since October 2009 and has…

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  • Shahnawaz Anwar

    Shahnawaz Anwar

    Shahnawaz Anwar - Marketing Executive Shanawaz Anwar is currently associated with Intermed as its Marketing Executive. Mr. Anwar completed his Bachelor of Engineering from Belgaum University. He extended his expertise by being awarded an MBA in…

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  • Gireesh Chandra

    Gireesh Chandra

    Gireesh Chandra Manager - Accounts & Operations Gireesh Chandra has been with Intermed since August 2012. He began as a Senior Account Executive and is now a Manager or accounts and operations. He is tasked with…

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  • Payal Modi

    Payal Modi

    Payal Modi Manager - Human Resources Payal is an HR professional with a never ending thirst for learning new things. She combines reliable working principles, good organizational and multitasking skills with team aptitude. She is skilled…

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  • Ramesh Yadav

    Ramesh Yadav

    Ramesh Yadav is Intermed's Assistant IT manager. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Karnataka state open university. He has 8 years of experience in Information Technology Service Management in the healthcare industry as…

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  • Kirpa Nath Jha

    Kirpa Nath Jha

    Kirpa Nath Jha is an accountant with Intermed. He has proficiency in financial budget & actual accounting and accounting analysis between accounting budget and actual accounting. Kirpa received his Bachelor Degree in Commerce from Delhi University…

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