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Management Team

  • Rohit Kantor

    Rohit Kantor

    The visionary behind InterMed’s creation is Rohit Kantor, a career entrepreneur who has had success in starting his own businesses in India, Hong Kong and the United States. Rohit was born and brought up in Delhi…

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  • Dr. Rohit Jaswal

    Dr. Rohit Jaswal

    Intermed’s Chief of Medical Operations is Dr. Rohit Jaswal, MD, PGDHA, QM&AHO. He was Senior Consultant and Head of Anesthesia Services and ICU at Max Hospital, Gurgaon prior to his joining Intermed. He has more than…

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  • Kamal Kantor

    Kamal Kantor

    InterMed’s CFO is Kamal Kantor, who has served in similar capacity at Texcraft Trading Pvt. Ltd., Delhi and China as well as Intertex Trading Asia Limited, Hong Kong. He has experience working in India, the UK…

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